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Visiting Durango Colorado brings the promise of a very memorable adventure. Tourists will have places to visit and plenty of activities to look forward to.

A trip to Durango will not leave you disappointed with so many different types of experiences that are offered. Durango always promises to be a satisfying vacation.

At Southwest Experiences, we aim to offer some wonderful ideas so you can plan a successful trip to this wonderful town in Southwest Colorado. Regardless if your trip is a company outing, a solo adventure, or a couples retreat; Durango will surely not disappoint as there is always something to do at all points of the year.

Outdoor Activities in Durango

Durango, Colorado to Silverton
Source: G Yancy/Flickr

Durango is located in the San Juan Mountains of Southwestern Colorado. With that said, there are many outdoor activities that await as you channel your inner wanderer.

While some of the amazing outdoor activities can force visitors out of their comfort zone, there are plenty of outdoor experiences for everyone to enjoy during every season of the year. Some of the best highlights of Durango include mountain biking, skiing, and hiking.

Mountain Biking in Durango

Source: Chauncey Davis/Flickr

The landscape of Durango offers some of the best mountain biking trails in the Southwest.  In total, there are an estimated 196 miles worth of mountain biking trails throughout the region.

Moreover, Durango also offers as many as 75 different mountain biking trails to choose from. Our top recommendation is the Grandview Ridge & Horse Gulch Loop which is 16 miles and offers some of the most spectacular views that Southwest Colorado has to offer.

Skiing in Durango

Source: Fort Carson/Flickr

In addition to mountain biking, one of the top outdoor attractions for Durango is skiing. The Ski Basin for Durango is called Purgatory which offers over 1600 acres of amazing skiing.

Furthermore, Purgatory has 11 different lifts that can take you to 105 different trails. So whether visitors love the traditional ski run or some cross country skiing, there is plenty of adventure waiting to happen.

Hiking in Durango

engineer peak
Source: Beth Filar-Williams/Flickr

The hiking opportunities in Durango are an extraordinary experience with over 100 miles of different trails located within an hour of driving. Some of the top trails include Animas Mountain trail, Falls Creek Trail, and Purgatory trail. Our top Southwest Experience recommendation is  Animas Mountain Trail, as it is a very popular 6 mile  loop with some breathtaking views. In total, the trail has an elevation gain of 1800 ft and is rated as moderate.  

Other Top Durango Attractions

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Colorado
Source: Stefan Serena/Flickr

Although Durango offers plenty of endurance-filled activities for the outdoor enthusiast, one of the top attractions in Durango happens to be the Durango-Silverton train ride tour. This is a breath-taking tour that will help you have a bird’s eye view of some of the top scenic views around this region of Colorado.  It is even more exciting when done in groups. You can make your reservations well in advance as reservations fill up fast at different times of the year. For tickets and more information about the Durango-Silverton train ride, click here.

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