Things to Do In Nevada

Is Nevada the mecca of casinos and gambling? Most certainly, but there is a whole lot more to the Battle Born State in terms of things to do as far as what embodies the meaning of adventure. Entertainment, scenic landscapes, historic towns, and plentiful in other Southwest experiences, Nevada has plenty to offer. Here are the top 10 best things to do in Nevada.

1. Hoover Dam

A modern wonder and magnificent engineering feat, Hoover Dam certainly helps set the tone for some of the amazing features in Nevada. The Dam is considered a National Historic Landmark and a must visit attraction located in Southern Nevada.

The Hoover Dam
Photo Credit: Mike McBey

Hoover Dam has two guided tours that are available for visitors and is open 363 days per year. The tours are 30 minutes and 60 minutes, respectively. The guided tours provide insight to how the dam was built through a detailed and education immersive experience. Tourist can explore some of the dam’s operational features and passage ways throughout the dam.

2. Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park

One of the fun historical features about Nevada as a state is it’s historical mining history. While many of the parts of Nevada showcase this history, less often is combined with nature. Therefore, Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park is a must visit attraction.

The Ward Charcoal Ovens
Photo Credit: Jimmy Emerson

Don’t let the State Park title fool you, as it contains a rare combination of history with an awesome wilderness landscape. Shaped like beehives, the ovens were built and used during Nevada’s silver boom. After the ovens stopped ceased in operations, they were used as shelter for people in the area during poor weather conditions.

Ward Charcoal Ovens, Near Ely, Nevada
Photo Credit: Ken Lund

Nowadays, the historical structures are a marvelous Nevada attraction. The State Park has many recreational activities including fishing, hiking and biking trails, camping, and also so wonderful winter activities like snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

3. Lion Habitat Ranch

There is no lioning around this awesome attraction in Las Vegas. Sure, that was a poorly executed pun, but don’t let deter you from checking out this fabulous attraction in Las Vegas. The ranch is estimated to be 8.5-acres and is less than 30 minutes from the strip. Moreover, Lion Habitat Ranch has over 40 lions and several giraffes.

USA - Nevada - Henderson - Lion Habitat Ranch
Photo Credit: Terry Ott

The property offers visitors a unique opportunity to be up-close with one of natures largest predators. With a large group booking, visitors can do several different types of tours offered at the ranch. Of the most unique activities at Lions Habitat Ranch is the private feeding or a training session with the Lions.

4. Rhyolite Ghost Town

Rhyolite should be a priority in preparing an adventure in Nevada as one of the photographed ghost towns in the Southwest. Since a few prospectors found high-end ore in 1905 this exciting boom city came to life.

Rhyolite 6
Photo Credit: Neal Wellons

A variety of mining camps, including Rhyolite have popped since the uncovery of extremely valuable gold in the area. While town has been deserted for almost one hundred, it has been used in Hollywood films and is now one of the most popular destinations associated with ghost towns as a part of the Southwest experience. Located between Reno and Las Vegas, this unique aspect of American heritage is a can’t miss opportunity.

5. The Lost City Museum

Perhaps one of the less unknown attractions of Nevada, but still a significant place that everyone should visit none the less. The Lost City Museum was built on a prehistoric site of ancient ancestral Puebloans that existed between 200 and 1200 AD.

Lost City Museum @lostcitymuseum
Photo Credit: Ron Mader

Many of the archeology findings have been documented and are now on display for visitors to aid in visualizing what life may have been like during ancient times. Of the archeological findings, visits will be treated to an immersive experience that is very unique as it pertains to a deeper level of Nevada history and the Southwest.

6. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Located west of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon is a can’t miss attraction for visitors who want to escape the overstimulation that can be caused for individuals during their Las Vegas getaway. More importantly, Red Rock Canyon offers visitors a scenic attraction that isn’t generally associated with Sin City.

Red Rock Canyon
Photo Credit: Gary Craig

Red Rock is a memorizing natural attraction that features some incredible red sandstone formations. While it is primarily a scenic drive that takes roughly 30 minutes, there are many places visitors can get out of their vehicles and do some awesome hiking.

7. Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park

Several places as a part of the Southwest experience offer two for one attraction opportunities, but Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, located in central Nevada, is quite a unique destination for visitors.

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park
Photo Credit: Jeff Moser

Firstly, at this point, Nevada as a state has a rich history aligned with mining. Therefore, visitors are treated to the remains of a old mining ghost town. Secondly, the other attraction, which is no lesser in terms of significance, visitors can travel to the past as they explore the landscape which contains 225 million year old marine reptile fossils.

Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park, NV (0711)
Photo Credit: Don Barrett

8. The International Car Forest of the Last Church

As interesting as the title for this unique Nevada attraction is, The International Car Forest of the Last Church is unlike any other Southwest experience on this list. Located just outside of Goldfield, Nevada, the International Car Forest of the Last Church is one of many inordinacy art installations located throughout the state.

Double Trouble
Photo Credit: James Marvin Phelps

Created originally by Mark Rippie, a Goldfield resident, the concept for this unique artistic exhibition was to provide artists with an open space to create allow for free flow to the creativeness. While there are other outdoor car exhibits, the International Car Forest of the Last Church is perhaps the largest and most unique with over 40 cars.

9. Great Basin National Park

While parts of Death Valley National Park overlap the state boundaries of Nevada and California, Great Basin National Park is the only true in the Battle Born State. Additionally, it considerably less crowded in comparison to its counter parts in the National Park system. Less crowded usually means a more intimate experience.

Great Basin National Park
Photo Credit: Andrew Kearns

From the guided tours of the Lehman Caves to a scenic drive on along the fabled Wheeler Peak road, visitors are treated to very unique experience that is unlike other parks in the United States. Furthermore, visitors are treated to Bristlecone Pines, which are the oldest species of tree in the entire world.

10. Valley of Fire State Park

Set ablaze a truly unique experience when visiting the Valley of Fire State Park. Known for its unique red sandstone Formations, the valley is quite the Nevada attraction.

Valley of Fire
Photo Credit: Paul Hudson

At sunrise or sunset, when the lighting is just right, it appears as though it is one fire, hence the name. As a can’t miss attraction of Southern Nevada, add this State Park to your list immediately.

Morning Blaze
Photo Credit: James Marvin Phelps

With over 46,00 acres of red sandstone formations, some of the notable points of interest include White Domes, Atlatl Rock, and Mouse’s Tank.

Don’t worry, Lake Tahoe wasn’t forgotten and is absolutely a must visit attraction in Nevada. However, we feel like it deserves its own article which will be up very soon. Are there any attractions that you think should be include on our list? Submit them in the comments below.

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