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Firstly, the photo above is missing the Biscochito Brown, I got excited and had to try it before I took a photo.

As someone who has had a ton of experience and worked majority of their life in the restaurant industry, I have to start this post off with tipping my hat to the beertender, Lauren. Being short staffed on a busy night isn’t easy. It can be tough, but she absolutely was holding her own.

With that said, I’ve been driving by this place for a while and had been meaning to stop in for beer. I just hadn’t had a chance until last week. Located in Albuquerque, on the cross streets of Eubank and Montgomery, Lizard Tail Brewery can be described as very convenient for a quick stop for an after work craft beer during rush hour.

I stopped in after getting a quick bite to eat and decided to try a flight of beers. The flight was only $8, which is pretty standard. I told Lauren to put whatever she wanted just don’t put a bunch of IPAs. Personally, I am not a fan of IPAs. At Lizard Tail Brewery, the standard flight has four beers.

In my flight, Lauren gave me two seasonal drafts, the Oktoberfest and Biscochito Brown, and two signature brews, the Horned Honey Pale Ale and Legless Double I.P.A. Of the four, my favorite was the Oktoberfest, it was smooth, soft, and rich in flavor.

If you are in the neighborhood, go check them out! Here is their website.

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