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Recently, a new donut shopped in Albuquerque that serves donuts that you can describe as anything but ordinary, with five locations, three of which are in the Southwest.

With donuts that range from gourmet, traditional, cakes, frosted and filled, Amy’s Donuts will likely have something to satisfy those sweet tooth taste buds.

From Almond Banana Carmel to Maple Walnut Cake, there certainly plenty of options and variety to choose from.

Located at 6001 San Mateo Blvd NE Suite G3, Amy’s Donuts makes the perfect place for a quick stop and go for coffee and donuts in the early morning.

For Store Hours, Amy’s Donut’s is open Sunday-Thursday from 4 am- 10 pm, and Friday-Saturday hours are 4 am- 12 am

Check out their website for all of their donut options to choose from.

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