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One of my favorite areas in New Mexico is the gem of Jemez. Jemez is absolutely gorgeous with waterfalls, ruins, hot springs, fishing and much more. More specifically, Jemez has two of the best waterfalls in New Mexico which are on the list of Top New Mexico Waterfalls. One of which accessible just by pulling off to the side of New Mexico State Highway 4, while the other is a short hike from the Jemez Falls campgrounds.


The Many Experiences of Jemez

There are a few ways to travel to Jemez and different routes that a person can take while exploring the area. Personally, I love driving from Albuquerque to San Ysidro and exciting to State Highway 4. Through there, you get to explore the Jemez Pueblo, the Jemez Village, the Gilman Tunnels, etc. I wish I could spend time there more frequently but there is so much more to the Southwest region or New Mexico as a whole that I still want to explore.

Drive through the Gilman

Now on to the waterfalls….

Soda Dam is very unique because of the mineral build up that has over the years that has created a natural dam for the Jemez River. As you drive by it, you need to park your car on the side of the road and walk to it for a great photo. I’ve seen people climb on top of it or cross the river for a different point of view perspective.


Jemez Fall is a great little short hike that is roughly 0.7 miles from the Jemez Falls Camp Ground and Recreational Picnic area. The waterfall has roughly 70 feet drop. The trail offers a great view of the falls, there are other ways to get closer to the falls or on top the falls as well.

It’s really hard to pick which one is my favorite of the two, but it is definitely understandable to why they are both considered to be some of the top waterfalls in New Mexico.

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