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Our philosophy at Southwest Experiences is to try everything at least once, if its a great experience we’ll cover it on the website. With so many different options for breweries to choose from, its hard for an individual to pick which one they like the most. With already well established brands in Albuquerque, its even harder for a new brewery to leave their mark and become a staple in the community.

With that said, we want to feature our friends at Differential Brewing Co, located at 500 Yale Blvd SE Albuquerque, New Mexico, which opened their doors this past month in February.

The brewery, three years in the making, can be described a compact location with plenty of beers to choose from, both from Differential and guest taps from other Albuquerque Breweries.

With two large outdoor areas for those summer nights, Differential Brewery makes for the perfect place for an after work happy hour stop or for a weekend meetup with friends.

For owners Tony Hanson, 35, and Tino Nellos, 30, both have plenty of experience in the hospitality industry and in the alcohol industry, which brings a unique perspective in how they wanted to run and gives them an opportunity to run a business how they see fit.

Currently, Differential has two brewers, Peter Moore and Nick Tackett, whom have been the masterminds behind the first series of beers that have been released so far by the brewery, with plenty more coming soon.

For Hanson, Nellos, Moore and Tackett, the goal for Differential Brewering Co. was to make making easy-drinking craft beers.

Of their current selection, the favorites so far would be their extra pale ale, which can be suggestively described as a crisp, clean finishing ale with a pleasant hop flavor, and the blue corn ale, that is a golden in color and tastes of a sweet roasted corn for a soothing finishing taste.

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