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Its become pretty common for us as individuals to search for fun things on to do on Google. In my case, my search started with looking at waterfalls in New Mexico. The search term I used was the top New Mexico waterfalls and I found a few websites that had some magnificent photos of waterfalls in New Mexico. Like this one

After some research, I decided that one of my goals for 2017 would be to visit the top waterfalls in New Mexico that were based on this list. Talk about a journey. Each waterfall was located in different parts of the state, although some were very close in proximity to each other. The first waterfall I wanted to visit was Nambe Falls while spending time with my mom on Mother’s Day. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to kill three birds with one stone (I promise I didn’t kill any birds) meaning I could start my goal of visiting all the top-rated waterfalls in New Mexico, spend time with my mom, and take her hiking for a perfect Mother’s Day activity.

Nambe Falls is seasonal and offers a variety of activities that include picnicking, hiking, camping, and fishing. While I have never fished here, the actual Nambe Lake seems promising. In terms of hiking, there are two trails. One trail takes you all to the waterfall, while the other trail service as an uphill hike that takes you to a waterfall overlook area. Both hikes are short but beware of wildlife such as snakes and insects.

Overall the day was very successful. After the hike, we went to a restaurant called Gabriel’s, which has always been one of my family’s favorite restaurants since I was a child. I recommend their chips and guacamole appetizer, which is made fresh at the table, and I also recommend their fajitas plate with both steak and chicken.

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