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Colorado has a fine and fulfilled history. It is only fitting that they also have unique and fulfilling destinations! Take a look at this quick list of hidden gems in Colorado.

Fifty-Two 80’s

Perfect for your 80’s and 90’s inner child, this shop is nostalgia defined. Its theme is pop culture and Saturday morning cartoons, and the merchandise ranges from memorabilia such as comic books, toys, and even clothes. It’ll bring up memories that you didn’t even know you had as a child. Bring your kids along and introduce them to some of the things that you loved as a child at this fun store.

Swetsville Zoo

Swetsville Zoo
Source: Matthew W. Jackson/Flickr

Another perfect hidden gem for families. This zoo is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before. All of the animals are made from metal. The zoo doesn’t only have animals such as lions and tigers and bears, oh my! It also has dragons and other mythical creatures. Everything is made from scraps of metal, and you can create a metal dinosaur while visiting the zoo as well. Throw your worries at their “Worry Well,” where you toss a dime in and release any negative vibes.

Indiana Jones House

My Public Lands Magazine, Summer 2014
Source: Bureau of Land Management/Flickr

This bed and breakfast is a re-creation of the house of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The version of this house is more vibrant and modern. It consists of four units, each one dedicated to characters or themes from the movie. You know you reach the right destination when you approach the house and The mailbox with Jones written across it.

419.99 Mile Marker

This mile marker is different from the ones you typically see. As we all know, the recreational use of marijuana became legal in Colorado years ago, and the mile marker for mile 420 had an issue with being stolen by fans. Because this became a constant ongoing issue, the department of transportation decided to change the mile marker to 419.99. Isn’t that clever? If you get a chance to view this mile marker and Stratton, maybe pull over and get a picture with it.

Carousel of Happiness

What better way to end a trip than on a happy note? This carousel was created not only with happiness in mine both intentions of bringing joy to others. It has 35 colorful creatures and 25 small animals around the carousel that are unique and personally created. The best part? You can enjoy this ride for a dollar.

Colorado is full of opportunities to create the perfect Southwest Experience. Make sure that you check out some of these hidden gems and attractions if you’re looking for a great time.

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