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Camping is an adventure that offers new experiences and memories each time you go away. Camping does not always mean staying in a tent by today’s standards. Even if you visit the same spot, you’re bound to find something new. Well, you don’t have to keep going to the same campsite you usually do with this list of the five top grounds in Nevada!

Tuttle Creek Campground
Source: Bureau of Land Management/ Flickr

Ruby Crest Ranch

This ranch has an ideal location between the Ruby Mountains and the Bullion Mountains in Spring Creek, Nevada. The site offers panoramic views of the Ruby Mountains, which are topped in snow. This site is great for wildlife animal lovers; you are sure to see many animals from deer, antelope, elk, wild horses, to name a small few of the many animals that reside near the ranch.

Iveson Ranch

This ranch is perfect for the camper who wants to stay off the map and become one with nature. You will best enjoy this ranch if you are a more experienced camper. You need to make sure that you bring all the necessities to ensure maximum comfortability. This ranch isn’t just hard work, but it also has plenty of leisurely activities you can do, such as horseback riding, off-roading, and hiking. There’s so much wildlife and plenty to explore while staying at this ranch.

Ike’s Canyon Ranch

Located in what is said to be the heart of the Old West, this wilderness lodge caters to those who love everything an outdoor adventure entails. You can tour the area either by yourself or with tour guides. This is another great choice for those looking to go off the grid for a while. You won’t be able to use your cell phone, but this ranch does offer a few of the everyday modern necessities such as Wi-Fi and a kitchen.

Chimney Creek Campground
Source: Bureau of Land Management/ Flickr

Wild Horse Safari

Fun for the whole family, meaning that you probably don’t need to be the most experienced camper to enjoy all that this ranch has to offer. It is in the heart of cowboy country and is more modern all-around than the other three ranches listed above. This destination has great spots for hiking and even swimming! Pack your bags and enjoy this fresh mountain air.

Cottonwood Guest Ranch 

Located in a remote location, this ranch is a working horse and cattle ranch. This ranch offers an experience like no other. You can find nearby spots near O’Neil Basing to camp out. It is also family-owned and allows for events to take place if you want an outdoor theme get-together.

There you have it, a list of some of the best ranches to camp out at or to just enjoy nature. Take some time and get off the grid for a while. Have a true Southwest Experience while visiting Nevada.

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