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Care to take a spin…..on the Wheel of Misfortune?

Located near Henderson, Nevada in what has become a graffiti playground for artists, the Wheel of Misfortune offers visitors an opportunity to see another side of Las Vegas.

Source: Southwest Experiences

From 1917 to 1961, Three Children’s Mine served outside Las Vegas and was planned to remove the manganese and to process it. 

The location is no longer in use and the nearest business to the mine is an RV and boat storage facility and general shop, situated just before the unused drainage tanks.

Back in 2012, Graffiti artist Aware had created Wheel of Misfortune. 

The players could turn the wheel to win money and trophies for those of you who are not aware of it. 

It’s based on the US TV game “Wheel of Fortune”.

Source: Southwest

Largely considered to be an anti-establishment message, the Wheel of Misfortune is worth the trip down to Henderson.

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