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Located in near Casa Grande, Arizona, one of the most unique place that is off the beaten path is The Domes.

Source: Flickr
Greg Meyer

In 1983, the Domes were designed by the maker of machine and watch circuit boards, InnerConn Technology Inc. The company’s headquarters were moved from California to the 135- acre site in Casa Grande, AZ in 1982 by Patricia Zebb, owner of InnConn.

The Domes
Source: Flickr
Bob McClure

For its comparatively low costs, quick construction time and effective insulation, the unusual shape and design of the structures were selected. 

Rumor has it that since this place has long been abandoned, The Domes have become a place for Satanic worship. While we can confirm this to be true or not, The Domes are ever changing with graffiti as the buildings continually erode because of the forces of nature.

If you are visiting Arizona, we recommend checking this place out.

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