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Another one of our favorite spots in Albuquerque is the local restaurant Poki Poki Cevicheria. Poki Poki is a unique concept in Albuquerque were restaurant visitors are allowed to either choose one of the restaurant’s featured bowls or build their own. Typically, we like to build our own with mixing and matching.

For instance, one the typical bowls we’ll put together has salad, corn chips, and brown rice for the base. For protein, we mix salmon, spicy tuna and Peruvian Ceviche. Next step is adding a sauce, we usually add poki sauce and fusion mayo. The forth step is adding toppings, we recommend krab, avocado, onion crisps and was wasabi. The final step is adding more sauce to finish off the bowl, sriracha and spicy mayo are must added finishers.

At the heights location, restaurant has local beers, domestic and import beer options and a wine selections. Additionally, the restaurant has shared space with the Red Door Brewery Tap Room which customers are allowed to go eat their poki bowl and enjoy a beer.

For more information about the restaurant click here

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