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As one of the most well preserved meteorite caters on Earth, one of the coolest places to add to your Southwest experience is Meteor Crater located near Winslow Arizona.

Meteor Crater
Photo Credit: Mario Lambrecht

The diameter from the impact from this particular meteor spans almost 4000 feet and is one the top attractions to stop off Interstate 40.

Although its well known as the Meteor Crate, many scientists refer to it as the Barringer Carter after an engineer named Daniel Barringer who was the first to suggest that the colossal hole had been created from the impact of a meteor.

Meteor Crater
Photo Credit: Sean O’neill

Located off I40, visitors will need to exit on 233 and drive roughly six miles before they reach the crater. There is path along the rim of the crater for visitors to explore, but tourists aren’t allowed to go into the crater.

Meteor Crater
Photo Credit: Mouser Williams

This popular attraction has offers tours from guides, an RV park, a small shop and a Subway.

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