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Let’s be real for a moment about the Albuquerque Brewery Scene! Collectively, there are so many amazing breweries to visit, it can be overwhelming when choosing which to go to. For instance, one of the most highly reputable and popular breweries in the city of Albuquerque, is Marble Brewery.

Marble is so popular in Albuquerque, that the brewery has expanded to three locations. And conveniently from my home, one of their taprooms is only a few blocks away.

In my most recent trip to the Marble Brewery Northeast Heights Taproom, I decided to try a flight of beers. For the flight, I had the beertender pour me whatever she wanted and she didn’t disappoint. I got to try the Tangerine Gose, Guvêê Rouge, Pumpkin Ale, Double White, Oatmeal Stout, and Desert Fog IPA. Although I am very familiar with the Oatmeal Stout and the very popular Double White, of the flight, I have to state the seasonal Pumpkin Ale and the Guvêê Rouge were definitely my favorite.

The great part about the this taproom is they have a  different food truck every day for food options, but also in the same vicinity, is Slice Parlor another awesome local pizza joint.

The original downtown Albuquerque location for Marble can be very busy at times, so if its convenient I’d recommend checking out the taproom, located near Eubank and Wyoming, or the taproom on the Westside.

Check out their website for events and info.

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