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You don’t often hear of something being a good problem. In Albuquerque, there is a definitely a good problem and that problem is that there are so many breweries, its hard to pick and choose which one you want to go to. Moreover, its hard to decide which beer you want to drink on any given night. Between Marble, La Cumbre, Bosque, Boxing Bear, and others, the decisions can be hard to make, which is why a taproom that offers multiple beers from several breweries is the perfect destination for any given night. We present to you Tap That!

Tap That offers a unique experience for locals. The taproom offers over 30 beers from local breweries and is a fully functional restaurant with some amazing food items on their menu. Our favorite is the Ahi Avocado Burger because it is fact not a burger at all. The Ahi Avocado Burger is Ahi Tuna, served with sprouts and ginger. The bun is an avocado. It’s almost like a giant sushi roll. Our other favorite is the chips and queso which made with  smoked gouda cheese

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We loved it and we are sure you will too.

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