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The state of Colorado as a whole is one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of the United States. It is especially beautiful in Alamosa, Colorado which is what we wanted to share with you today.

We start our discussion with the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge. If you are a fan of animals then this is certainly the area for you, as there are over two hundred bird species alone that call this area home let alone the other wildlife in the area. This area is in the flat part of Alamosa which may also attract you to keep things short and sweet.

Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge

Monte Vista Crane Festival
Source: USFWS Mountain Praire/Flickr

On the opposite end, there are the hiking trails through the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness, which is one of the mountain ranges that make up the Rocky Mountains. As you can imagine, this mountain range includes a handful of the largest peaks in the state, which sit over 14,000 feet in elevation at the summit. Besides these peaks there are still 180 miles of other hiking trails that may pique your interest, no pun intended.

Zapata Falls

Zapata Falls
Source: Andrew Russell/Flickr

Besides these general hiking trail areas, a more specific trail is the South Zapata Trail. It runs along Blanca Peak, one of the fourteeners of the state, and leads hikers to the Zapata Falls which stand thirty feet tall. In comparison to climbing Blanca Peak, this hike is relatively easy and does not take as much time, even though it is a ten-mile trek round trip.

Middle Frisco Trail

Source: Brian Kysia/Alltrails

Another great option is the Middle Frisco Trail which leads hikers to Frisco Lake for a 6.3-mile roundtrip. Again this trail leads to a body of water, but this time a lake rather than a waterfall. It is easier than the other trails we have discussed and also tends to be less popular.

At the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with any of the options that we have suggested above. These trails are truly the best hiking trails in Alamosa, Colorado.

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