Best Adventures to Try on Your Next New Mexico Vacation

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New Mexico is well known for having white sand and fun times. It is also known for having tons of culture and great tourist attractions aside from the beaches. Traveling to this destination will ensure that you have the true Southwest Experience. Check out this list of five destinations to visit when in New Mexico.

Musical Highway 

This highway is just as entertaining and as cool as it sounds. If you drive at exactly 45 miles an hour, the roads will sing to you! It is a patriotic tune and is truly like no other highway you’ve been on. It was created to encourage drivers to drive it at an appropriate speed. It definitely has had a positive influence on those who visit the road.

Museum of International Folk Art

With over 100,000 items, this museum consists of toys, dolls, religious folk art, and more; Alexander Girard collected these knickknacks throughout his lifetime. These toys and other significant items were replicated when Girard had free time and are available for display for all to enjoy.

Glenrio Ghost Town

Glenrio, NM / TX
Source: Jay Gannett/Flickr

This ghost town was named after English and Spanish words meaning valley and river even though this ghost town is not located to the valley nor a river. It is situated on the Texas-New Mexico state line and takes up about 32 acres of land. It is a nice pitstop for tourists who want to see a few scenic items.

Tumbleweed Snowman 

This attraction is exactly what it sounds like. While Albuquerque is highly unlikely to experience snowfall, this snowman is an ironic representation of Albuquerque. The snowman was built with enormous amounts of tumbleweed and is over 14 feet tall and 10 feet wide. Each year tumbleweed is collected to create this snowman, and you can view it starting the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

House of Eternal Return

Meow Wolf - 35924743750_d3373e2a8e_o
Source: Emma Heirnet/Flickr

One of the most unique destinations on this list, the House of Eternal Return, is a choose-your-own-adventure jungle gym. But wait, there’s more: it is also somewhat of a haunted house. Visitors to this attraction can expect to go on their own path to create their own narrative while exploring this house. There are over 70 assorted yet interconnected areas in this house.

New Mexico has so much to offer and many unique attractions. Many of the attractions were made with tourists in mind and making great memories. Whether you travel alone or in a group, you are sure to have fun driving through New Mexico.

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