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Visiting New Mexico is an exciting experience on its own, but there are also plenty of opportunities to have fun at outdoor attractions. Create new memories and Southwest Experiences with these New Mexico attractions.

Origami in the Park

This park consists of larger-than-life-size origami figures made of metal materials. The structures are vibrantly colored and very detailed. What makes it so beautiful, aside from the obvious, is how the structures will glisten in the sun. Figures in this park include animals, paper planes, boats, and other works of nature. If you want to go home and try to create your own origami, the park also offers unfolded metal sheets.

Connie’s Photo Park

Connie's photo park 2
Source: Jim Johnson/Flickr

This major roadside tourist attraction has plenty of life-size face-in-a-hole signs, which Connie Mayhew painted. These signs are personable as she created them all by herself, but she used materials donated to her by her friends. To optimize this fun adventure experience, dress up and bring your own photos to leave behind for others at the park.

Pistachio Land

For all the nuts out there, come and take a look at the world’s largest pistachio. The pistachio is 30 feet tall and covers over 5 yards of concrete. Before you leave, make sure you visit McGinn’s Pistachio Tree Ranch and Winery Gift Shop. It has a number of pistachio-based products such as chili chocolate pistachio brittle and even homemade pistachio milkshakes! Fulfill all your pistachio needs here.

Ethyl the Whale

This sculpture is a life-size whale that was made of hand recycled plastic. It is 82 feet long inland and holds the Guinness world record for the largest recycled plastic sculpture. At night time it is lit up and is a beautiful sight to see.

Burning of Zozobra

Source: Larry Lamsa/Flickr

This attraction is also a local event for Santa Fe residence. It is a ceremony that allows locals to “watch their sadness and gloom go up in flames.” Zozobra, who is also known as Old Man Gloom, is a figure that is burned, standing at about 50 feet tall. It is a beautiful sight to see as his flames go up in the night sky and everyone’s worries float away. There are also fireworks and dancing that takes place. You can get to enjoy this outdoor attraction Friday before Labor Day, so plan accordingly.

Each of these outdoor attractions is unique and special to New Mexico. You won’t be able to find anything like the world’s largest pistachio or the burning of Zozobra anywhere but in New Mexico. The opportunity for fun times is endless. 

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