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Do you think you can handle that exciting Southwest Experience? Arizona has plenty of wild west towns that I’ll have you thinking that you were transporting it back in time. Take a look at this list of old west towns that you were truly going to want to visit.


The downtown area of Prescott is known as whiskey row. The Palace Restaurant and Saloon is the oldest continuous business in all of Arizona. When you visit this establishment, you’ll get a genuine feel of what it was like to dine and drink in the old west. It holds plenty of history and significance in not just Prescott but also Arizona.


Vulture Mine
Source: Midnight Believer/Flickr

This small town is the fifth oldest in all of Arizona. It was named after Henry Wickenburg, who came to the area searching for gold. This town has plenty of history and sites that are great for the entire family to enjoy. Take a tour around town and immerse yourself in all the history it has to offer. You can visit dude ranches, go horseback riding, or just immerse yourself in the culture here.


Source: Anna Irene/Flickr

Tombstone offers a modern look at an Old West town. It’s like walking on to the movie set of the Wild Wild West! Sorry, I don’t think you’ll run into Will Smith, but you will get to experience western life. There are staged gunfights in the streets and characters who walk through town in period-appropriate costumes to recreate the olden days of this quaint Arizona town. Every shop, restaurant, and attraction is designed with its visitors in mind.

Goldfield Ghost Town

Source: Jack Gray/ Flickr

You can go mining for gold, zoom through the air with the superstition zipline or watch an exciting gun show. This town has so much to offer when it comes to experiencing what the old west was like. Go with family or go with a group of friends; either way, you will create the best experiences you can’t get anywhere else.


Wild Women
Source: Alan Levine/Flickr

The West’s Most Western Town offers year-round warm weather here in Scottsdale and welcomes millions of visitors to the streets each year. There are a ton of resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars that cater to every tourist on any budget. Throughout the site are numerous historical festivals and events held regularly that embrace the town’s heritage. From cowboy competitions to horse shows, there is always something new for everyone to try. Check out the great museums and art galleries if you want to see the culture before enjoying the thrilling nightlife.

You can’t get the Southwest Experience quite like the one you can get in Arizona, especially in these towns. These western towns are unique and also have tons of history. So giddyup cowboy or cowgirl and take a trip to some of these Arizona towns.

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