Top Waterfalls in Utah to Visit

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Because of its abundance of national parks and historic sites, Utah is one of the most wonderful regions in the entire country.

Yet, one of the lesser discussed types of attractions in Utah, which is the ideal place for nature lovers who want to explore its outdoor wonders, is the magnificent waterfalls located throughout the region. From small cascades to canyon flows, these waterfalls will truly create the most ideal Southwest Experience for those who seek adventure. Here is our list of the top ten waterfalls in the State of Utah. 

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls - Utah
Source: Monica Libertore/Flickr

Located in Provo Canyon, Bridal Veil Falls is one of few waterfalls located throughout this gorgeous area of Utah. Standing at over 600 feet, Bridal Veil Falls happens to be one of the tallest waterfalls as well. 

The trail to the waterfall is about a mile and a half and is the perfect day trip hike for those of any skill level. The elevation gain is small at just over 100 ft. Also, the trail to the falls is paved making it ideal for a family gathering. Moreover, the trail is also considered to be dog-friendly.

Cascade Falls

Located in the Dixie National Forest, Cascade Falls can be described as a local favorite. The trail leading up to the waterfall is a wanderer’s ideal hike with its awe-inspiring views of the Virgin River and Zion National Park. 

The waterfall itself cascades down a cliff providing a unique attraction for waterfall lovers. The water for the falls comes from the nearby Navajo Lake which feeds the waterfall through underground lava tubes.

Bell Canyon Falls “First Fall”

Bells Canyon Falls
Source: Shaan Hurley/Flickr

Widely visited because of its proximity to Sandy, Utah, Bell Canyon is home to several waterfalls. However, the most popular of them all is First Falls due to its accessibility.

The trail to First Falls is nearly five miles long and has a steep elevation gain of over 1400 ft. As one of the most popular waterfall hikes in Utah, the trail is heavily trafficked, so we’d recommend starting early to avoid crowds. The most ideal time of year for this hike is in the mid-spring. If you’d like to learn more about this hike, we’d recommend checking out our friend Alicia’s post aka Girl on A Hike. 

Emerald Pools

Lower Emerald Pools Trail, Zion National Park
Source: Ken Lund/Flickr

Located in Zion National Park, Emerald Pools could claim one of the most beautiful waterfall hikes in the entire country. As one of the most heavily trafficked hiking trails in the National Park, Emerald Pools in total is a 3-mile moderate hike with a 600-foot elevation gain. Due to its popularity, we’d recommend getting started as early as possible as the trail can be extremely busy during peak seasons at the park. 

In the case of Emerald Pools, there are three Emerald Pools in total. The Lower Pool is roughly a short hike of a mile and a half, while the Middle and Upper Pool are further along in a two-mile loop. Its popularity speaks for itself as it is very close in proximity to the Historic Zion Lodge. 

It’s a genuine desert oasis. 

Adam Canyon Waterfall

The waterfall of Adams Canyon is near Layton, Utah. The trek has a moderate trail of about four miles. From centuries of erosion, Adam Canyon Waterfalls flows down the edge of a cliff, providing visitors with one of the most prominent waterfall views in Utah

The waterfall may be profuse or a small percolate, depending on the snow of the season. The trail starts at Layton and leads visitors along an ebbing path with pine-oak. The trail also includes a few bridges and rocks with condensation.

Donut Falls

Donut Falls
Source: Steve Jurvetson/Flickr

Insert Homer Simpson reference here. Located in Wasatch National Forest, Donut Falls is in Big Cottonwood Canyon. This hike is almost four miles long and one of most favorite trails in the State. It’s also family-friendly and a great place to escape the Salt Lake City heat during the summer. 

Throughout the centuries, water spills through a hole eroded by water. It enters a cavern and ends on several rocks below before entering a subterranean stream. We’d recommend checking out Donut Falls during a weekday because of the overcrowding that occurs during the weekend.

Kanarraville Falls

Source: Ken Altman/Flickr

Like gold, water in the desert is rare which makes Kanarraville Falls a golden opportunity for those who love to chase waterfalls. Kanarraville Falls is located in a magnificently gorgeous slot canyon carved out of the surrounding red sandstone cliffs. 

The Kanarraville Canyon is the perfect place for visitors as it is pseudo and an excellent way for seeing a multi-channel canyon with little driving or exercise. You can walk as long or short as you want it depends on the level of satisfaction in the canyon, once you start hiking. This walk is great because it’s becoming scenic quite fast, so if you don’t want to, you don’t have to travel too far.

Stewart Falls

Stewart Falls, Sundance Utah
Source: Sbmeaper1/Flickr

Located near Mount Timpanogos, Stewart Falls is on an Alpine loop. It borders the resort of Sundance. A hike of 3.5 miles along a flat road leads to the waterfall. The cascade plunges about 200 ft. from the cliff over into a small pool underneath. 

The trail is children-friendly and can be walked all year round for those with snowshoes even in the winter. However, similar to many of the waterfalls on our list, the best Southwest Experience is to go here during a weekday as it is a popular weekend attraction. 

Lower Calf Creek Falls

Lower Calf Creek Falls
Source: Bureau of Land Management/ Flickr

Truly, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument should be given an official title of National Park to preserve its abundance of natural beauty and attractions such as Lower Calf Creek Falls. 

Lower Calf Creek Falls is located near the Utah town of Boulder. The trail itself can be described as moderate and heavily trafficked as it spans nearly 7 miles. Colorful indeed is this natural beauty like this one of the many unique features of Grand Staircase-Escalante. Make sure to bring plenty of water. 

Battle Creek Falls

Battle Creek Falls
Source: David Wiley/Flickr

Battle Creek Falls is a short hike for all levels of hikers. This beauty of a waterfall is situated in the foothills of Mount Timpanogos. It is a popular destination for families during the weekends like so many others on this list, which makes the ideal time to visit during the week.

While Battle Creek Falls flows year-round, its peak season to visit would be in the spring as the flow increases from the melting snow of Mount Timpanogos. Like many of the waterfalls on this list, Battle Creek Falls is certainly breathtaking. 

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