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Salt Lake City is a unique hub for international cuisine. From spicy Mexican food to traditional Bosnian dishes and everything in between, there is a restaurant to try in Salt Lake City for every taste. We’ve tested and tried out SLC’s many restaurants to find the best options out there. Here is our list of top restaurants in every category:

1. Spicy Mexican: Red Iguana

So popular they had to open a second restaurant just around the corner! The Red Iguana and Red Iguana 2 offer authentic and bold Mexican recipes. Featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, the Red Iguana menu does not disappoint. The restaurant is best known for its unique, mouthwatering molés. 

2. Fried Comfort Food: Pretty Bird

Nothing screams comfort food quite like fried chicken. Pretty Bird keeps it simple with a choice between the Fried Chicken Sando and the Quater Bird, as well as a handful of familiar sides. This mind-blowing fried chicken is simple but packs a punch. Grab a hot chicken sandwich for a simple yet delicious meal.

3. Thai Takeout: Laan Na Thai

For counter-style Thai food, head on over to Laan Na Thai in downtown SLC. The family-owned restaurant offers fan favorites like Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles. They also experiment with more unique flavors inspired by their home region of northeastern Thailand. The Pumpkin Curry and Hung Lay Pork are just a few of the tempting dishes to try.

4. Traditional Bosnian Cuisine: Old Bridge Cafe

Venture down to South Salt Lake City for an authentic Balkan experience. The Old Bridge Cafe is a family-owned Bosnian eatery. Inspired by the iconic Stari Most — or Old Bridge — in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, this humble cafe brings hometown Bosnian flavors to SLC. Traditional cuisines include grilled specialties such as cevapcici — small grilled sausages served with homemade bread, onions, tomatoes and traditional sauces.

5. American Barbecue: R&R BBQ

At R&R BBQ it’s all about the slow cooking. This barbecue joint does smoked meats right. Get a real taste of southern barbecue, perfectly paired with your choice of traditional barbecue sides. Whether you like smoked brisket and coleslaw or a rack of ribs and mac and cheese, R&R BBQ has you covered. This is a great choice if you have a big family or are feeding a large group since you can get a little bit of everything and share. 

6. A Taste of Brazil: Tucano’s Brazilian Grill

If you’ve worked up an appetite and want to try traditional South American cuisine, opt for Tucano’s Brazilian Grill. Eating here is a total experience. This restaurant is full of heritage and flavor. Flame-grilled meats are brought directly to your table and sliced onto your plate. The salad bar features endless options, from feijoada black bean stew to stroganoff to fresh fruits and roasted vegetables. One thing is sure, you will not leave Tucano’s hungry!

You will find tasty food in Salt Lake City no matter what you’re in the mood for. Give one of our favorite restaurants a try and let us know what you think!

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