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It’s no secret that Arizona is a region of the Southwest that is packed with majestic landscapes that offer striking views to marvel.

From the Grand Canyon to the Red Rocks surrounding Sedona, Arizona has stocked enough adventure to last a lifetime. Here are some places in Arizona that can be utilized for your next adventure.

Red Rock State Park

Red Rock State Park, Sedona, AZ
Source: jay8085/Flickr

It seems as though every state within the Southwest region of the United States has some sort of park named Red Rock and Arizona is no exception.

It’s no secret that the red sandstone formations that surround the world-famous Sedona offer plenty of adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. Red Rock State Park offers running trails that cater from easy to very difficult four different levels of hikers. One of the more prestigious points of interest within Red Rock State Park is the 5-mile trail network that connects oak Creek and the Red Rocks of Sedona. Most of these trails are marked for safety and your enjoyment. 

Catalina State Park

2019.04.07 Catalina State Park
Source: Max Richards/Flickr

If you find yourself adventuring near Tucson, Arizona, you may have stumbled upon Catalina State Park. Featuring a plethora of wildlife and thousands of saguaro cactuses, you may have found yourself in the thick of the Southwest. 

For bird watching, Catalina State Park is home to over 150 different bird species. 

Like many other state parks within the Southwest, Catalina State Park several different types of options for outdoor Adventures. In particular, several different trails are offered throughout the park to faced your outdoor adventure needs including hiking, horseback riding, and cycling. One of the more intriguing trails that may pique your interest is the Romeo ruin the interpretive trail. While it is short in distance, you will find yourself stumbling upon the remains of a prehistoric village that’s over a thousand years old. 

Kartchner Caverns State Park

Source: Mike Lewis/

For the caving enthusiast, Kartchner Caverns is your place for adventure in Arizona. Possibly one of the least known parks in the state of Nevada, this point of interest offers some exceptional adventures. The cave has more than 2 miles worth of passages throughout this cave system, Kartchner Caverns offers guided tours on very specific pathways developed to avoid damning its unique features. However, as much as 60% of the cave system is not open to the public. 2 main features of the caverns that are available are the throne room and the big room.

The throne room is particularly amazing because it features one of the world’s largest soda straw stalactites. 

Alamo Lake State Park


The number of untold secrets within the Southwest is quite profound. Alamo Lake State Park fits this distinction. For majestic views, this beautiful Park has no shortage of the sort. There is no scarcity of adventures here either.

Alamo Lake State Park is one of the premier fishing destinations of Southwest. The weight is considered no wake, which means leave your motorboats at home. Almost completely secluded, this park offers one of the quieter fishing destinations in the state of Arizona primed with great bass fishing. 

There are no shortages of hiking and biking trails around the state park as well. 

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