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The State of Nevada has approximately 110,567 square miles, which makes it the 7th biggest state in the entire United States.

With that said Nevada also offers some amazing state parks bet each contain unique features for all your inner adventure needs. While places such as the Valley of Fire are much more popular, there are still many more to the entire state that are equally as magnificent in each of their own. Here are some Nevada state parks that you may have never heard of.

Echo Canyon

Source: Nick Christensen/ Wikipedia

Situated in the eastern part of the state of Nevada, Echo Canyon offers some of the best outdoor Adventures in the entire state of Nevada.

From camping, fishing, hiking, and some amazing wildlife viewing this state park feature some of the great Adventures that the Silver has to offer.

With an entrance fee of only $5, you better be prepared for some great adventures. In terms of camping in the north, the campground offers 33 different campsites on a first-come basis. If you have an RV echo Canyon offers 20 different full hookup sites as well.

If you enjoy hiking, one of the best hikes that Echo Canyon has to offer is the Ash Canyon trail. The trail is a little bit on the lighter side and only goes for about 2.5 miles. The elevation gain is roughly 300 ft. Makes for an easy to moderate hike. 


Kershaw–Ryan State Park Near Caliente, Nevada
Source: Ken Lund/Flickr

This park is quite the paradise in the desert. Kershaw-Ryan State Park sits in a canyon surrounded by colorful sandstone that makes for a true oasis.

In terms of unique features, there’s a natural spring that flows to a wild garden that features fruit trees, willows, and some white oak trees.

Similar to Echo Canyon, Kershaw-Ryan State Park offers great camping and some awesome hiking. In particular, there is a 1.5-mile overlook trail at the peak of the canyon walls. This trail is considered moderate to difficult in areas but still makes for a fun time and nature.

Cathedral Gorge State Park

Cathedral Gorge State Park
Source: Renee Grayson/ Flickr

If you love amazing geological formations and if you haven’t heard of the Cathedral Gorge State Parkyou are missing out on a unique adventure right here in the state of Nevada.

The park has 1608 acres of landscape that create quite a spectacle with spires and pillars carved over centuries from the elements.

The main hiking trail for cathedral Gorge is roughly over four miles as a loop. Hiking is absolutely the main attraction for this state park, but there’s still some camping but it could be described as limited. 

Beaver Dam State Park

Cedar Pocket Wash, Beaver Dam Mountains, Between St. George, Utah and Mesquite, Nevada
Source: Ken Lund/Flickr

If you’re looking for a place in Nevada that offers more of a tranquil experience, Beaver Dam State Park may be perfect for such an adventure.

With all the makings of high desert tundra with a dynamic landscape filled with forest, waterfalls, and other unique features that only pertain to the Southwest, Beaver Dam is the perfect area for watching wildlife as well.

Hiking Beaver Dam it’s quite a unique experience itself. Home to several trails that cater to all levels of experienced hikers some incredible trails offer a great panoramic view of the entire park. 

Additionally, Beaver Dam also offers fishing within the streams of the park that are regularly stocked with rainbow trout. 

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