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There’s a justification that Zion National Park has some most visitors annually of all the National Parks in the United States.

Hikes with names like Angel’s Landing or Weeping Rock certainly help. Be prepared to experience moments of euphoria as you make your way through the top attractions of this beautiful National Park.

Angels Landing

Looking Up Towards Angels Landing
Source: Eric Kilby/Flickr

Does hiking on an edge of cliff that is 1,000 feet right above the bottom of Zion National Park seem enjoyable to visitors? Use the chain and grip tightly with each hand as it provides visitors a safety measure as they make their way up to Angel’s Landing. The expansive perspectives of Zion Canyon from Angel’s Landing are worth the journey to the top of this intense hike, granted you manage to overcome have a debilitating fear of heights.

Yes, the final stretch up to Angel’s Landing, called the Hogsback, seems horribly threatening. Nonetheless, when individuals reach the peak, they’ll be rewarded with the fabulous landscape that makes up Zion National Park. In addition, individuals have earned the ability to brag about finishing this incredible hike. Perhaps, venturing up a cliff that has 1000 foot drop doesn’t seem appealing to everyone, then don’t miss Canyon Overlook Trail, which leads to a lookout that has been delighting photographers for decades.

Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk Trail
Source: John Buie

The Narrows hike can be very difficult to complete and the Riverside walk offers visitors a chance to view The Narrows without actually hiking the difficult trek. Start at the Temple of Sinawava, where you shall notice the interior walls of the canyon starting to narrow on both sides of the Virgin River. Meander along the walkway, dip your toes in the river, or just stop to take in the unbelievable views. At the end of the walk, individuals will notice people starting to head further upriver; such tend to be the serious folk who are “hiking the Narrows.” If you prefer to keep your feet dry, turn around, and enjoy it all again on the way back.

Weeping Rock

Weeping Rock
Source: Renee Grayson/Flickr

Weeping Rock is a very popular stop for visitors to Zion National Park. The trail is very easy but it’s not ideal for families with strollers or wheelchairs. The trail for Weeping Rock leads to an unusual sandstone cliff. Weeping Rock is a famous reference point of Zion National Park and is an easily convenient tourist attraction. Weeping Rock is a large bowl-shaped opening in which the lower layer has eroded over time. The eroded areas have formed a beautifully abundant hanging garden with a small flowing stream of water below.

Indeed this just a short list of the many wonderful Southwest Experiences offered with in Zion National Park and perhaps the most popular. However, we are just scratching the surface and can’t wait to explore more.

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