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Katz Treatz is local eco friendly small business based in Flagstaff Arizona.

Their mission is to source the highest quality local ingredients to create amazing treats for everyone to enjoy.

Their fabulous baked goods can be found in Hoot Mart in Downtown Flagstaff, the Farmers Market, Warner’s Nursey and at Awa Kava Cafe.

As a local bakery and cookie distributor based in Flagstaff, they have over 10 years of experiences in food service

Moreover, Kat Treatz has a life time of baking; sharing their delicious cookies with family and friends.

We highly recommend their Spiced Chocolate cookie. It’s a double chocolate chip cookie with a twist. In this version of the recipe, Katreatz added a secret blend of cinnamon and other spices for a yummy spiced chocolate cookie.

Check out their website and complete your order for your next yummy snack today. Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram for all their latest creations.

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