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There are many remarkable places to visit throughout the amazing state of Arizona. Among them, is a geological formation that has been shaped through the ages over the course of millions of years.

Views of The Wave
Photo Credit: Rainy City

Located in the North Coyote Buttes Ravine, the magnificent structure carved over the years stands the fabled The Wave.

Additionally to the Wave, there are many other alluring rock structures, which include The Second Wave, The Alcove, Top Rock Arch, Melody Arch, Grotto Sand Cove, and Fatali’s Boneyard.

The Wave (another angle) [Explored]
Photo Credit: Praveen

In order to visit the way, visitors must apply for a permit that is issue through the US Bureau of Land Management.

Unfortunately, do to the popularity of the location, only 20 permits are available per day as an effort to preserve the area. During the months of April, May, September, and October, it is nearly impossible to get a permit to due to the location’s popularity.

The Wave Reflections
Photo Credit: Jay Huang

The best time of year to visit the Wave is December thru February as the area as less visitors. Moreover, if visitors are traveling alone, chances to get a permit are much greater as well.

In terms of important information, it is suggested to those who have obtained a permit, it is important to have a compass or to use the GPS on their phones as there isn’t a direct trail that leads you to the six mile round trip hike. Luckily, along with your permit, BLM also issues a map which are very helpful in locating this amazing gem in the Southwest.

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