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Colorado has many amazing features from the peaks of Rocky Mountains to the historic Mesa Verde National Park. Among all of the amazing must visit attractions of Colorado, here are five less known places you should absolute add to your list.

Cano’s Castle, Antonito Colorado

Source: Yelp

Ever drank some beer and built a castle with the empty cans? That’s exact what Folk Art Vietnam Vet Donald ‘Cano’ Espinoza did. This hidden secret of Colorado is sure with the drive by. Talk about a unique recycling project.

La Ventana Arch, Del Norte, Colorado.


Not to be confused with the La Ventana Arch located in Malpais National Monument in New Mexico; La Ventana Arch in Del Norte, Colorado is distinctively special among all of the arches throughout the Southwest region of the United States. Unlike others that where created from sandstone and weather over time, La Ventana was develop from volcanic activity.

Dinosaur Ridge – Morrison, Colorado

Source: Wikipedia

Talk a walk among the prehistoric at this unique site in Colorado. Dinosaur Ridge, located in Morrison, CO. has over 300 dinosaur tracks and 15 fossil geological sites on the pathway, visitors take a stroll along the 2 mile round-trip path.

Canyons of the Ancient National Monument- Dolores, Colorado

Source: BLM.Gov

Much less know among the many ancient Puebloan sites throughout the Southwest, Canyons of the Ancients is 176,000 acre area that contains more than 6,000 different ruins. If you are history buff with an infatuation for ancient cultures that offers unique landscapes, this Southwest destination is perfect for you.

B-17 Bomber Crash Site

Source: All Trails/ Michelle Von Gal

If you love hiking and a history buff, this is one awesome trail for you. As unique point of interest, the B-17 crash site offers hikers a view of what remains from a mysterious plane crash that occurred in 1943. Little is known about the crash but many parts of the plane still remain. The B-17 bomber played a very important role for the United States in World War II.

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