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Did you know that Nevada is the largest gold-producing state in America? Did you also know that Nevada has plenty of fascinating and unique destinations and vacation spots as well? Well, it does! Take a look at this list of five fascinating places to visit in Nevada.

Neon Boneyard

Stardust - Neon Museum - Las Vegas
Source: Ronald Gobush/Flickr

You’ll need sunglasses while visiting this attraction. This radiant attraction has 150 original neon signs that were once placed across the town. The signs date all the way back from 1930 up until the present day. It is part of the Neon Museum which takes up about 2 acres of space and even has an outdoor space for neon signs larger in size. 

Valley of Fire State Park

Source: James Marvin Philips/ Flickr

This is the oldest state park in Nevada which was built in 1935. There are plenty of rock formations with a red hue, hence the name Valley of Fire.

The state park also holds a bit of history as the rocks have petroglyphs which are artwork from Anasazi natives. What’s so great about this state park is that you’re able to get close enough to touch the rock formations and even take pictures for memories!

Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake Sunset
Source: Russ Seidel/ Flickr

This attraction allows you to do a bit more than learn about Nevada’s history or take pictures.

With this lake, you can go fishing at one of Nevada’s largest natural lakes. Yes, this attraction is also beautiful and has plenty of history, but there is also much more. You can paddleboard, kayak, or even ride your mountain at this attraction.

Clown Motel

Clown Motel Sign
Source: Bethany/ Flickr

Before you skip over this attraction, be aware that this location is not haunted, and it is not known for anything tremendously wrong to happen.

It is a great place to make a stop on a long road trip to lay your head. The concept of this motel is for clowns to just kind of appear during your stay. It has free Internet and allows for pets to stay. If you’re a trucker or going on a long road trip, this quirky motel could be a nice little spot for you.

Burlesque Hall of Fame

Burlesque Hall of Fame Photo Safari
Source: Diane Naegel/

This exciting museum is one of the only in the world that is dedicated to risque dancing.

It was formerly known as Exotic World, and it has plenty of costumes and props that tell the story and history of American burlesque. It pays respects to the performers and shines a different light on the profession. It may not be considered family-friendly, but it is definitely fascinating and exciting enough to check out for yourself.

Nevada is the silver state, but it receives a gold star in its attractions. There are so many unique places to visit. So hop in your car and get ready for a wild ride. Meet a clown or two along the way while creating the perfect Southwest Experience.

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