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Roughly eight years ago, Raton pass in Northern New Mexico was engulfed with a wildfire that decimated much of the forest throughout area. The fire burned over 27,000 acres in both New Mexico and Colorado along the state line.

Of the areas burned, the adjoined Sugarite Canyon State Park (New Mexico) and Lake Dorothey Wilderness area (Colorado) were both heavily affected by the fire.

In a recent visit to the Capulin Volcano National Monument, we took a detour to visit the park and wilderness area.

Although the evidence of the fire heavily remains, this still gorgeous region of New Mexico and Colorado shows signs of new life with new growth and wildlife returning.  

While the detour for visiting the area was short lived, the park showed great promise of adventure for future visits.

Specifically, on the New Mexico side of the adjoined park, the Sugarite Canyon State Park offers fishing, hiking, climbing and camping. In Sugarite, there are two lakes, Lake Maloya and Lake Alice that feature trout fishing from boats and off the bank.

On your next trip to Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado, we highly recommend stopping here.

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Being an only child and born in the Southwest, I had a different experience than most. I am in love with the Southwest and want to share my experiences with the world in an effort to encourage others to get out and explore.

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