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Do you remember a video of an Uber driver rapping that went viral a few years ago? Well if you don’t, here it is.

That’s Dylan Montayne.

Originally from New Mexico, Montayne has been on the up and up in the Colorado Hip Hop scene for a while now, with shows at venues such as Ogden Theater and The Summit Music Hall. He even released his album Rebecca Lane last December.

I recently got to interview Dylan to learn more about him and his future planss

We all remember that viral video you had a few years ago of you rapping tothose girls who didn’t believe you could rap. You blew them away to say the least. Prior to the viral video, had you recorded any songs?

Definitely. I started recording songs in 2009 in my dorm room in college. But I had been rapping and writing songs long before that. I started my journey in music as a drummer, starting at age 5. Then, as I grew up, rapping became a big part of my life – it started as a way to pass time on the bus with my friends, freestyle battles, etc… but for me grew into something much more. 

Photo Credit: Terrestrial Media

Are you ever going to come back to New Mexico to do a show?

Of course! This summer. Just trying to find the right venue for it. I haven’t lived in New Mexico since 2009, so I’m open to suggestions! 

What is your personal favorite song from your recent album?

That’s a tough one. I really wanted to make an album that had a lot to offer, all the way through. There are a lot of different styles/feelings on there. I’d like people to take it as a whole, but if I had to choose one song to introduce people to my sound, would probably be the title track, “Rebecca Lane”. That or “No Smoke”, which has that latin guitar feel that I love so much. “Cold” is a favorite too, because sometimes it’s fun to just drop bars for the sake of dropping bars. 

Photo Credit: Terrestrial Media

What’s your favorite local restaurant in New Mexico and in Colorado?

I miss New Mexican food every day. There’s an authenticity to it that is difficult to replicate. I have a hard time finding something to take it’s place up here in Colorado! Anyways, my favorites in Santa Fe are Tomasita’s of course, La Choza, Atrisco’s, The Shed… the list goes on. I also find myself craving Blake’s constantly. The Blake’s Lotaburger in Las Vegas is always my first stop on the way home to Santa Fe. As far as Denver food – I’m big on breakfast so I’m going to give my favorite breakfast spots – Sassafrass, DBC, Snooze… all great. 

Since your album, it seems like you’ve had a few shows, has performing in front of people been intimating? If so, how did you overcome that intimation?

Definitely not! I love performing. I guess I get a little nervous right before a show, but it’s the good kind of nervous. And then, as soon as the first song starts, I’m at home. Nothing feels more natural to me. 

New Mexico or Colorado Green Chile?

Come on… 

(We all know New Mexico Chile is better)

Favorite place you have visited in the Southwest?

Hmm. Man, I just love all of the small towns in New Mexico. One of my favorite things to do is take the scenic route back to Colorado, which is the High Road to Taos, then up that way. Chimayo, Truchas, Taos, etc. That whole part of New Mexico is amazing. I also just love bringing friends to Santa Fe and doing tourist stuff in my own home town. I really love learning about the complex history of Santa Fe, so that’s the stuff I like to showcase when I bring visitors. 

What’s next for you to continue your work as local music artist?

I am working on my next project, which I am hoping to drop this summer. I’m not sure if this will be an EP or another full-length album. Just trying to keep raising the bar for myself creatively, and trying new things. But I have some great ideas coming together for this next project… Besides that, just planning more shows and keeping my foot on the gas! 

Where can people see you for your next performance?

I am planning some stuff in both Colorado and New Mexico for this summer, but I don’t have specific dates yet. So stay tuned! You can follow me @dylanmontayne on Instagram (or any social media platform) to stay in the loop. Much love! 

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Being an only child and born in the Southwest, I had a different experience than most. I am in love with the Southwest and want to share my experiences with the world in an effort to encourage others to get out and explore.

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