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Life has been a vortex of travel, new things, and emotion this past month. What an alignment of events to coincide with the spring season― a time for rebirth, growth, and change.

At the beginning of the month, I went on a 3-day family camping trip to Green River, Utah (though, in good conscience, I should call it a “glamping” trip). My dad and stepmom just upgraded their RV, so while we received the quintessential campfire-in-the-desert experience, my husband and I crashed on leather recliners at the end of the evening. I have never been keen on the idea of RVs, but I cannot lie…it was NICE.

This trip was crucial for my sanity in more ways than one. Most importantly, spending time with my dad is something to be treasured, as he has been dealt yet another rare health condition. I am a daddy’s girl through-and-through, so it’s been a rollercoaster ride of all the feelings these days.

The weather was sunny and splendid overall (save for some rain in the distance and gusts of wind here and there), and I got to break in my NEW dual sport motorcycle. It was completely surreal riding the trails with my Pops by my side for the first time since I was 15 years old.

Time escapes on light-speed wings
It is no matter
There is no darkness in your head
Of future impending
Or past hardships
Just look and go
Search and scan
Breathe in the grit and dust
Stay alert in your bones
Let your heart skip wildly

And feel the fucking wind

As a kid, dirt biking was kind of fun but mostly scary. I never tried to improve my skills or gain speed, because I was severely frightened of getting injured. Having no other girls around who shared this interest, or women riders to look up to, deterred me from pursuing the sport any further.

Last year, seemingly out of nowhere, I got the itch to ride again. End of 20s crisis? Probably. I was also becoming frustrated with the traffic around Denver and thought a commuter bike that could double on the trails would be my partial answer to freedom. I moved to Durango in August, got my motorcycle endorsement in October, and now the time is finally here. Her name is Mo. She’s a Yamaha TW200.

In other thrilling news, I flew to Texas last weekend to see my best friend walk down the aisle. She got married in Clark Gardens, a gorgeous venue just outside the Fort Worth area. Getting to celebrate the occasion with my closest group of friends altogether (a RARE occurrence nowadays) was out of this world, you guys. This April has reaffirmed for me that “watering your relationships,” as my dear friend Kerri beautifully states, should take priority. As we look back on our lives, sure, we will remember our exhilarating adventures and travels, but the heart-bursting evocations will come from those little moments with our favorite humans.

Now it’s your turn! Share with us. How is your spring going so far? Do you have any fun summer plans?

‘Til the next one,

-Brittney Cee
Instagram: @brittneyceeadventures

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Though she is a Pre-K teacher from 9-5, Brittney Cee has a zest for free-spirited adventure as often as possible. She resides in Durango, Colorado with her husband & high school sweetheart, Cory. Brittney has had a knack for writing since elementary school and enjoys inviting others into her world through poetry, narratives, and photographs. She is the author of her own travel blog, A Poetic Journey, and is honored and elated to join the Southwest Adventures team! Blog- Instagram- @brittneyceeadventures

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