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My name is Brittney. And this is me:

Well, the exaggeratedly creepy, psychedelic version of me.

Aside from weird art concepts, thoughts of immersing myself in nature, culture, or fresh sights constantly pulse through my mind. Driving and hiking are my top 2 favorite ways to explore, and I seek all opportunities to dance my little heart out along the way.

I started a blog in January, A Poetic Journey, which focuses on my travels conveyed through a medley of photography, poetry, narratives, and tips. In my 9:00-5:00 everyday life, I am a preschool teacher and am extra passionate about the value that Early Childhood Education brings to humanity.

I am not a mother
But act as one each day
Fostering a haven
For the youngest minds to flourish
To reach their fullest expression
As a tree that stretches
Above the canopy

I’d like to argue that I live in the best area of America. (I realize some readers might hop on this debate train to counter-argue in a heartbeat.) Durango, part of the greater Four Corners area, has been my home for the past 6 months. Prior, I resided in west Denver for nearly a decade. As much as I adore the wondrous sights and activities that abound the Front Range, population growth there has made it increasingly difficult to enjoy outings and road trips. So, here I am, living my ideal mountain existence!

Obviously, Durango itself is a gorgeously satisfying, laid-back, and convenient little city, but what makes it my ultimate paradise is its close proximity to an insane variety of some of the most unique and breathtaking landscapes I have ever encountered. Within a few-hour drive, or often much less, one can savor the likes of these locations:

If I am invited for another heist of the Southwest Adventures blog, I would like to write about these areas, and more, in upcoming posts.

Today is our fourth snow day of the school year! (Gotta love teacher perks.) I’m itching to gear up and trudge around the hiking trail behind my apartment complex. Wish me luck…and thanks for reading! I am ever so appreciative you got this far.

White blankets
Contrast vanishes
Perception becomes weak
With each sinking step
As vertigo sets in
Lively flakes hover and float
Flutter and drift
And for a glimmering glimpse of time
I am isolated
With nothing but a smile

I’d love to learn more about youin the comments below!
Where are you from?
Where have some of your favorite road trips taken you?
What’s on your bucket list?

-Brittney Cee
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