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There is a whole lot more to Nevada than just Las Vegas or Reno. Did you know that Nevada has a total of 110,185 square miles?

This gigantic region of the Southwest makes Nevada the 7th largest state behind Alaska, Texas, California, Montana, New Mexico and Arizona. Here is a list of places to visit or try throughout the state.

Fly Geyser, Gerlach Nevada

Source Wikipedia

Would a man-made natural wonder intrigue you? Seems interesting.

There are two geysers in the Fly Ranch area. The first was developed almost 100 years ago as part of an attempt to make a part of the desert available for farming. A well was drilled and geothermal boiling water  was reached. Evidently not desirable as a water resources. 

The Neon Museum

Source: The Neon Museum Facebook

Have you ever feared that ghosts from your past may return to visit you? Do you have a thing for graveyards?

Well not nearly as scary or weird, but The Neon Museum located in Las Vegas, North of Old Las Vegas, offers visitors a chance to revisit old memories for Las Vegas casinos that no longer exist.

Rhyolite Ghost Town


Continuing with the theme of ghosts, the Rhyolite Ghost Town offers its visitors a chance to revisit an interesting point of American history that dates back to the Gold rush. Located in Beatty Nevada, Rhyolite offers a unique place to visit as a stop on your way to the famous Death Valley National Park.

Clown Motel, Tonopah, Nevada

Saturated in Tonopah
Source: R. Miller/Flickr

Continuing onward for theme of creepy, scary and weird, I present to the World Famous Clown Motel. Clowns are creepy, but this place really tops the cake in terms of unique because it is located right next to a graveyard. Even the most recent owner stated in an interview that he believes the hotel is haunted.

Atomic Survival Town, Nevada Test Site, Nye County Nevada


Another piece of American history, Atomic Survival town was a part of a series of test in the 1950s for nuclear weapons. Located at the Yucca Flat, this destination offers visitors the opportunity to visit a unsettling aspect of the fictional town and the ruins that were created by the immense raw power of Nuclear weapons.

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