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The National Park of Great Basin is in eastern Nevada on the frontier of Utah. It is found in the Great Basin Desert and it occupies much of the mountains of the South Snake. The Wheeler Peak Scenic drive leads to the Wheeler Peak, a high mountain range to the north. Next door is one of the oldest pine trees of Bristlecone. The Lehman Caves marble has characteristic stalactites and other forms. Bighorn sheep are in the nature preserve. Here is a list 5 great destinations to visit while at the only National Park in the state of Nevada

1. Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive

Wheeler Peak Summit
Source: J Brew/Flickr

Driving along the Scenic Path of the Wheeler Peak is a highlight of every visit to Great Basin. A real mountain trail, the scenically stunning drive takes you across the South Snake Range Ranges, and scenery overlooks all the others, and one experiences an unforgettable view of the rough, but oddly majestic Great Basin Wilderness.

2. Mountain View Nature Trail

Great Basin Sunset
Source: Karen Portin/flickr

This is really a fun stroll through the pine forest. The trail guide explains the geology and ecology of the region The trail begins in the Cabin Rhodes near the visitor center in Lehman Caves.

3. Bristlecone and Glacier Trail

Bristle Cone Pine HDR
Source: Dave/Flickr

The presence and existence of the ancient trees was clarified by description signs in the pine grove Bristlecone. The Track of the Glacier is the Bristlecone Path extension. It continues beyond the pine trees to the only glacier in Nevada, under the Wheeler Peak. The overall distance is 7.4 miles for the two trails

4. Baker Settlement

Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive,  Great Basin National Park, Nevada
Source: Ken Lund/Flickr

The archeological location of Baker, also known as Baker Settlement, has the ruins of a settlement in Fremont, inhabited between 1220 AD and 1295 AD. The Fremont lived and studied agriculture in this well developed village with many small households and storehouses around a big main house. The site was dug up between 1991 and 1994, by the Bureau of Public Archeology of the Brigham Young University, in conjunction with the BLM. Currently, recovered pieces are being housed at the BYU People and Cultures Museum in Provo, Utah.

5. Lehman Cave

Cavern in Lehman Cave
Sources antaresjhw/Flickr

The Lehman Caves National Monument, now part of Great Basin National Park, was known as National Park before Great Basin was named. Absalom Lehman has been on private tours of the calcareous grotto with his mysterious designs with hundreds of tourists in the 1880s. Today you should also enter the cellars. Location: The northeastern sides of Great Basin National Park will enter Lehman Caves. Only with a guided visit will Lehman Caves be reached.

Indeed, Great Basin National Park in Nevada is one of the State’s premier places for spectacular outdoor adventure. As Nevada’s only National Park, it is certainly worth the visit.

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